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Natural cooking courses

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”: do you see things the same way as Hippocrates? Good, because we are of the same opinion ourselves. So our cookery courses all revolve around healthy recipes, designed to promote a healthier lifestyle. 
Tiziana Castelluccio

Castelluccio is available to share her culinary secrets, and is happy to nourish your talent with an intense workshop organised in the large kitchen of “Il

Richiamo del Bosco” b&b.

The course costs 80 Euro per person and includes:

- a 3-hour lesson, during which you can practice every aspect of preparation;

- the recipe book for the lesson;

- enjoying the food prepared

For more information: b&b il Richiamo del Bosco, tel. +39 0521336376.


Asana with Donkeys, with Elisa Lorenzani

Elisa Lorenzani has always lived in the Boschi di Carrega forest.

She harnesses its energy before returning it to nature through the yoga she practices and her love of donkeys, the stars of this highly unusual form of “Asana” which involves walks and yoga suitable for adults and children. The physical positions are inspired by the environment and the animals, and are combined with breathing exercises and moments of relaxation.

The experience also offers the opportunity to get to know the wonderful donkey more, along with all the surprising therapeutic benefits it offers.

For more information: 

Per info: Elisa Lorenzani at Asini nel cuore + 39 3494286844 

Pottery courses with Robert Cross

At “Il Richiamo del Bosco”, the works of master ceramist Robert Cross

are literally everywhere; coffee cups, mugs, teapots, bowls, essential oil diffusers and even the bathrooms sinks all feature the same style which first captured our hearts.

Raised in England, Robert decided to settle in the hills of Noceto after graduating in biological sciences. His workshop-atelier is next to his house, which is set in  breath-taking position. The atelier welcomes visitors as well as those attending his courses on pottery, the potter’s wheel and firing in different kinds of kilns. For more information: Ceramica Cross + 39 3403891874


Getting lost in a Bamboo Labyrinth

We like dreams. And the bamboo labyrinth – just like our b&b – started life as a dream. Not far from “Il Richiamo del Bosco”, Labirinto della Masone at Fontanellato is a monumental maze of paths created using a number of different species of bamboo. It was all the brainchild of founder Franco Maria Ricci, who envisaged a garden where people could take a stroll and lose their way from time to time, but without running any risks ….

The reason behind the choice of bamboo is its immunity to disease, and its quality of never losing its leaves and of purifying the air from carbon dioxide. The design of the maze’s inventor envisaged that this could become a crucial factor for the Po valley plains; so much so that the Foundation inside the Labyrinth provides consultation on how to grow bamboo free of charge, including for those wishing to improve the appearance of unsightly industrial warehouses. 

Labirinto di Franco Maria Ricci 


 Decoration courses with Barbara Maldini

Perhaps it was the colours, the aromas and the gently rolling hills of this area that prompted Barbara Maldini, a teacher of decorative and painting techniques, to settle in Sala Baganza, 4 km from the b&b “Il Richiamo del Bosco”. Her home-atelier “Villa Cremisi” is an entirely “painted” creative space where ideas are brought to life.

She teaches how to use resin on wood and walls, or how to create a patina on furniture and metal. She also teaches courses on shabby-style furnishings, on mural decorations or on printing fabrics and papers. If anything can be decorated, she can tell you how to do it.

For more information: Barbara Maldini   + 39  3356780865

Barefooting in the forest

If you enjoy living, walking or running barefoot and you want to get back in touch with nature and the sensations direct contact with the ground can convey to the body, then the “Il Richiamo del Bosco” b&b is the perfect place to do Barefooting.

For thousands of years, humans lived barefoot, developing a strong and resistant sole that was completely impervious to discomfort or irritations.

We suggest walking in our garden, perhaps first thing in the morning, on a bed of leaves or on tree bark. We guarantee that Barefooting will afford you an incomparable sensation of freedom.

For more information: b&b “Il Richiamo del Bosco”, tel. +39 0521336376. 


LYour expirence

Tell us what you like, and we will try to suggest something just right for you. Because we believe that the best ideas are always the result of working together and sharing. 


Happiness is real only when shared.
La felicità è reale solo quand'è condivisa.

Chris McCandless (Emile Hirsch), dal film "Into the Wild. Nelle terre selvagge" di Sean Penn. 


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